What Wine: What Superhero?

What Wine: What Superhero?

Wine lovers unite and let’s fight the evils of empty glasses with these tasty wine picks

There are many legends and heroes of the wine industry and we’ll be focusing on some of them for our “On the shoulders of Giants” August Spotlight page and in keeping with that theme, here are our pick of the best wines for the right hero. 

The Flash

Let’s keep it snappy people, The Flash ain’t got all day. Keeping the villains at bay is thirsty work for a guy who is kept on his toes most of the day; he’ll need to keep the heart racing with some frisky acidity and a lime, herbaceous punch.

My pick has to be: Springfield Life From Stone


The Cape Crusader with his dark and brooding nature cuts a fearsome silhouette across the Gotham skyline; playboy by day and crime fighter at night, he needs a wine that understands that much hard work goes in to having a dual personality; a wine that also has serious class and looks good in something lean and chiselled (champagne flutes are chiselled right?)

My pick has to be: Graham Beck Cuvee Clive 2009


Be still my beating heart and take me straight to Asgard. Nothing less than the best will do for this Norse God of thunder, lightning and all things exciting. We’re looking for a big wine, one with power and preferably an evil brother who likes to complicate things… am I asking too much?

My pick has to be: Rudera Platinum Chenin Blanc 2009

The Hulk

“Hulk Smash” and this wine will definitely smash your bank account but at least it will be immensely satisfying. Forget the anger and the stress of the day and focus your strength into trying to share this gorgeous bottle of wine…or don’t. Hulk say “MINE.”

My pick has to be: Beyerskloof Faith Cape Blend 2009

Jean Grey

Not the Jean Grey from the awful X Men movies, the real comic deal when she had a mind that wasn’t on men and she could kick serious villain-butt. A fiery personality can only be tamed by a wine that can stand up to her demands and that of the Phoenix Force, so a deep, dark and mysterious red is key.

My pick has to be: Stellenzicht Rhapsody 2007